Download SetupCast

You can download SetupCast below and try it free in demo mode for 30 days.

The demo mode is limited only in that it does not include the Enhanced Web Update Client and you can not actually publish to your website.  You can build, preview and save your projects, then reload and publish them after you purchase SetupCast.

Once you enter your registration code all features are enabled and SetupCast is fully functional.

 Click here for the SetupCast System Requirements

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SetupCast System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

SetupCast has the following hardware requirements

  • Pentium Class Processor (or better)
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 11 MB Drive Space

Operating System Requirements

SetupCast works with the following versions of Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 7 or Vista 32/64
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

SetupBuilder Requirements (optional)

SetupCast has enhancements that provide high levels of automation for developers who build their installers with SetupBuilder from Lindersoft.

Using SetupBuilder is not a requirement for SetupCast, but it does provide automation advantages not available without it.

To take full advantage of the SetupBuilder enhancements you need to have SetupBuilder 6.7 or later. 

If you have an earlier version of SetupBuilder you can still use SetupCast in the non-SetupBuilder mode.  The difference is that you will have to manually setup and maintain your project information.

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