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SetupCast has multiple levels of help available.

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Quick Help Guide

When you first start SetupCast the program will offer to open a Quick Help Guide in the form of a compiled (.chm) HTML help file as shown here..

Startup screen offering to open quick help

When you click yes the file will open as show here:

SetupCast Quick Help Guide

We highly recommend that you take a few minutes to go through this file as it is designed to get you up and running with SetupCast as quickly as possible.

You can also display this help file at any time using the Help Menu as shown here:

Displaying the quick help guide manually

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Quick Help (internal)

When SetupCast opens to the main screen, you will see a series of internal “Quick Help” topics in the side menu.  Clicking any topic shows a HTML help document as shown here:

Internal Quick Help - Getting Started

These internal quick help files display automatically whenever you click a side menu item of the same name.

There is one for each section of the program.  They are designed to give you a quick reminder of what goes on in that part of the program.

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Standard Help

The Help Button

Context sensitive HTML help is available anywhere in the program by pressing the F1 key or by clicking the help button wherever it appears.

Note: The Context Sensitive Help is currently being expanded.  In the interim, the quick help guide will cover most everything you need.

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Every entry field in SetupCast has balloon tooltips that display as you move about in the program.  You can toggle these On/Off using the Show Tooltips option on the Options menu as shown here:

Toggle Show ToolTips

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Online Help

You can view the help files online here in HTML format:

Quick Help Guide (opens new window)

You can also download the Quick Help Guide in CHM or PDF format here:

Click here to download Quick Help Guide as a .CHM file (compressed inside a .ZIP file)

Click here to download Quick Help Guide as a .PDF file (right-click and use “Save As” if needed)

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